Past and present

More than a hundred years ago the Sint Nicolaashoeve was apart from an active farm also a home for old and disabled farm labourers. A childless couple had the farm built in 1858 and put in their will the following purpose for the farm:

“The founding of a charity under the name of Sint Nicolaashoeve, to nurse old and disabled farm labourers living in the area of Nieuwveen.”

After their deaths in 1868 their Will was enacted and the farm continued its function as farm labourers’ retirement home until 1903. After that time retired farm labourers were accommodated in other homes and the farm again became just a farm.

In the book ‘…een liefdadig gesticht onder den naam van Sint Nicolaashoeve’ this is documented in detail. The book is available on the Sint Nicolaashoeve.


The farm

De Sint Nicolaashoeve is a small scale farm with cows and sheeps. The farm also grows wheat, sugar beets, maize and potatoes.
From April to November the cows are outside in the meadows. In the winter, the cows walk about in the stable and stretch out and relax in a layer of straw.
Farmer Gerard runs his farm in a very sustainable way. The cows eat the grass and maize from the farm. The straw the cows lie on comes from the farm and the manure of the cows is used to fertilise the crops on the farm.
Guests of the Sint Nicolaashoeve may have a look around the stables. During such tour you will hear the full story about the farm.